The Car Boot Sale, thoughts from Chris Harris

The Car Boot Sale, thoughts from Chris Harris
Car Boot Sales used to be small events in fields and car parks. However as they became part of our national weekend culture, out came the entrepreneurs offering better facilities, larger and cleaner sites with more customers. They became organised and now are largely set out in massive neatly mown fields, with plenty of facilities. Almost like a festival but full of discarded homeware detritus. A festival of rubbish. For this is rubbish management.
For this is rubbish management. This is a financially advantageous alternative for your unwanted goods you don’t have the heart to just discard at the graveyard of the tip. For your general seller, releasing that valuable space from your garage or the reducing the general trite of cheap slave laboured manufactured imported goods from the generic warehouses of crap dressed up as DIY and other conglomerate retail brands, that shall remain nameless for legal reasons ! Soulless detritus in a soulless world. A lot of house clearance firms tip out the general rubbish. In better boot fairs armies of retired people tip up, a new lease of life and income discovered selling on junk acquired at auctions charity shops and jumble sales and selling on plants and cuttings from their gardens. Our black economy thrives here.
It is depressing as much as it is hopeful. Artsy Craftsy people peddle their lovingly thought out and created crafts, unaware that visitors at car boot sales prefer not to spend more of a pound. You can tell them, selling nice things with a crest fallen face, their dreams of the day being the start of something big crushed by the droves of people looking for a utensil set for 50p.
The buyers are a motley bunch. The intent of the antique dealers with their alert demeanour. Long gone are the days of parking near the boot fair such is the size and interest. Young single mothers tarted up to the eyeballs as if about to go out on a night out, with their toddlers homemaking in the orgy of discarded homewares. Collectors lecture the seller on their products they are about to buy, inexplicably and boringly alerting the seller to the true value of their wares which take a sudden rise in value. People good with their hands and gardeners sort through the old tools plants and utensils. Fat middle aged unkempt people sometimes tip up early anxious to beat the queue for a bucket of fatty chips for breakfast. For some a boot fair is a social occasion. For the entrance fee of 50p you can wile away the morning making disparaging remarks about the sellers goods and being a generas pain in the arse offering 50p for something marked up at £2.50. My friend Matt does boot fairs and loves being rude to the seemingly extraordinary high levels of customers being generally ill mannered and ignorant. There is a massive boot fair at Polegate in East Sussex. You are charged entrance when you drive in. It amazes and amuses me greatly that some people will park half a mile away and walk to avoid the entrance fee
You can hear and enjoy the buzz of the banter. Negotiations, up selling, lectures, histories, lies, deceit. For many enquiring about a price is merely the excuse to banter about the product.
You soon suss them out. Although the products are rarely priced you can soon guess what a price will be. You can work out the seller trying to go home with an empty car and those who seek such a high price you know they will be lucky to cover their expenses. Eloise and I experimented over a 50’s needlework basket. We guessed what he would ask. I said £15. Eloise, £10. She asked and returned to the spot I was hiding and smirked ‘£15, you were right.’
Ultimately they are a fantastic part of our culture, an enormous recycling centre and resource for the resourceful and a good bit of exercise


GPlan. Gathering Momentum

G plan furniture mainly featured in the Eighties and Nineties is large piles of firewood at local tips. Before the days of gumtree and other easy methods of recyling furniture your only other option was the local auction house who would direct you to the local tip !
Yup, it is pretty ugly. But it is really well made and now fashionable. The large bog standard living room units are still not popular, but have a value now. But the rarer pieces, rare as similar pieces have been chucked and burnt, are now commanding some very good prices. Smaller items are very commercial.
It is the reality of life that many couples in the Sixties and Seventies purchased large quantities of G Plan and are now dying off. In time this will cause the brand to increase in value. I think even the bland mass produced pieces are beginning to somehow become attractive to a younger audience as they are well made, practical and fit the ‘retro’ fashion.
So well made and a very good investment. Get some before it rockets in price

Corbyn and the Media

Now I am no Jeremy Corbyn fan.

Yes, I voted for him twice, albeit mainly because everyone else was even worse. I rate Yvette Cooper, but she needs to rebrand herself to the left. She has the ammunition capabilities, but not the [policies.

So Jeremy has been hopeless. So I decided to watch the Marr show yesterday 23/4/17.

I said to my partner afterwards he came across okay but very genuine. I admire a politician who says it as it is and when asked about Foreign policy he quite rightly didn’t do the ‘lie’ thing they all do but was more of ’we’ll deal with it at the time’ when the facts are weighed up.

That really is fair enough, how can you predict the ramifications of a future event. Corbyn was being honest. Of course the Telegraph launched an attack of what a disaster his appearance was. Er it wasn’t. Crace in the Guardian, who have hated Corbyn and wonder why readers are turning off, thought himself really clever and witty claiming it was ‘zen’ like performance with Corbyn unable to commit to anything.

Like many I applaud a politician standing his ground. Yes Corbyn could have lied like the other egomaniacal politicians do and indeed maybe for Labour to have any chance he should have. But maybe the Telegraph and Crace are just too dumb to work out Corbyn has one strength and that is his sincerity and that is an admirable strength to have. It is sad that the media in this country have sunk so low in product but risen so high on the self importance of the now discredited titles that an objective view in seemingly too difficult for themscreen-shot-2017-04-23-at-100233


I was born in July ’66
mmmm…..Beatles, GPlan, World Cup, Labour Government, Swinging Sixties, retro designs
And it was downhill from there for the UK.
And me.
A wry look at the challenges of life along lifestyle, current affairs and sporting themes will hopefully appear in this blog. I have challenged myself to write a blog, I can do that. But getting anyone to read it. I cannot do that but will try.