Amber Rudd and Tory Own Goal

Knowing Amber Rudd would be in the debate I took the time to check her out on iplayer on the Marr Show. Yup she is \ good politician and came across well and with gravitas.
Lynton Crosby, in charge of the Tory campaign is supposed to be the best in the world in the field of election management.
So with the May campaign falling to pieces the scenario could be this. May, I don’t think will lose, but if she just scrapes a majority is political dead meat. There was nobody in the wings, her position unassailable and her colleagues low grade. However apart the enormous own goal of being ambushed by the late decision of Corbyn to do the debate, Amber Rudd very much used last night to stake her claim to replace May and certainly comes across as someone I would far sooner represent this country in Brexit negotiations and I say that as a member of the Labour Party.
It strikes me as a massive political own goal and bad management and the debate last night will merely add to Tory jitters. Remember May walked into power as there was no other credible candidate. After last night now there is.


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