lidl low cost food, low grade spelling


Last Sunday and it is to Lidl  in Sidley an area in Bexhill known locally affectionately as Shitley as er…it is a dump.
Now the duo of Aldi and Lidl, aka the low cost supermarkets, despite a limited range and some terrible products actually also stock some bloody good food, something many other supermarkets fail dismally to do.
However determined to fly the flag for discounted products they have gone over the top and clearly employed a discounted sign writing firm. There are 12 or so resplendent new signs offering their customers the luxury of complimenTORY, rather than the customary complimentary, parking. Oh dear
Or is it a conspiracy ? with the General Election a week away are they actually trying to get their customers to sub consciously vote Tory.
My sister is having fun at the moment buying the Lidl lavender plants for1.49, repotting, tying some trendy string around them and selling them on at a fiver a pot from outside her house in the posh village of Rodmell !

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