Andrew Rawnsley and Jeremy Corbyn. A brief satire part 2

It had been another tough week for the Observer Dear Leader Writer, Andrew Rawnsley.
Last week, the penultimate Sunday of the campaign he had attempted and failed miserably in dodging a bullet by writing an article explaining astonishing rise of the Labour in the election as a failing on the part of Theresa May and nothing to do with the rise in the personal ratings of Jeremy Corbyn and an excellent Labour manifesto. He despised Jeremy Corbyn. He was looking like a fool having backed the wrong horse
He had crossed his fingers so many times in the last week hoping for a face saving Tory revival his finger skin was chaffing. How embarrassing. Poor Andrew had been so busy sucking up to the Blair and Tory establishment, in his damning of everything Corbyn, he has made the silliest of mistakes and left himself no wriggle room. The odd,’ maybe I could be wrong’ ‘it is unlikely but….’ are two of many phrases Andrew could not find himself to use in his numerous narrative’s about the electoral possibilities of the Corbyn leadership. Indeed as did many others on the left, but they are not the lead writers of the liberal left.
Sweating profusely he wasn’t going to give up. So for the last Sunday before the election how could he report the current political seismic shift and one of the greatest fight backs in British politics, without losing face and giving any credit to Jeremy Corbyn. He had of course with most readers already lost any credibility, but to quote someone he was fast beginning to admire, ‘he wasn’t for turning.’ He hatched a plan. What he would cunningly do was write an article describing the scenario’s of five possible electoral outcomes. Squirreled away in number five, most people give up on his tedious propaganda early on, he would say he might have got it wrong about Corbyn’s chances. Brilliant. That’ll cover me, he thought.
Poor Andrew. He knew in any other job getting it so wrong generally meant a P45. As he went to bed cuddling his Tony Blair teddy, he began plotting how to save face should the Tories either not get a majority or merely scrape back in all credibility. He mused how he was once told ‘that you sins will find you out’ and his were.
Part 3 to come…..whoop whoop !!!!


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