Andrew Rawnsley and Jeremy Corbyn. A brief satire part 3


To recap, the Observer Dear Leader Writer, Andrew Rawnsley had surpassed his own high levels of  bias against Jeremy Corbyn in his penultimate and final leader column in the Observer. He felt smug, if a little ashamed at his petty one way feud. Unbeknown to the writer of this low grade satire on the same Sunday before the election dear Andrew had written another column for the Guardian.

Having given Jeremy Corbyn no credit at all for re establishing the Labour Party as an electoral force with a much needed radical agenda, the pressure was mounting on him to maybe not just blame Theresa May for Labour being within spitting distance of an upset he had assured his readers previously was impossible. It would test every ounce of his pride to succumb to some back tracking. But he also knew after his recent columns if labour won he would look theb greatest foolin journalistic history, which frankly he already was. So he set about writing an article for the Guardian.

The anger rose up inside as he added towards the end,

‘Yet even his most severe critics within his party will concede that Mr Corbyn’s overall performance has been better than they dared hope for at the outset’

He cushioned his self loathing at this de facto admission with a tirade of spurious and niggly slights and put downs in his article. He hated Corbyn for forcing him to puncture his defiant stance and felt like a traitor to Uncle Blair but in essence he cleverly made the praise scathing and allowed himself a little wriggle room in his denouement commentary for the next Observer column after the election. He knew his employers were too skint to get rid of him and employ one of the many other top journalists who can take an objective view and couldn’t wait for the election to pass. Hopefully with the defeat of Corbyn so he could continue coasting as he had been doing, in fairness he reflected, for years.


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