Andrew Rawnsley and Jeremy Corbyn. A brief satire part 4….election night

All of a sudden Andrew was handed a get out of jail card. An invite to appear on the BBC Election Night coverage. Even better the other Corbyn hater Laura Kuenssberg was to appear. He’d feel at home with the other biased low grade journalist. She was so biased even her bosses had torn her off a strip.

He knew 98% of the viewers would be unaware of his petty one way vendetta with Corbyn. As Corbyn had proven Rawnsley absolutely wrong in his thoughts and opinions he hit the studio. ‘Mmmm’ he mused ‘ basically it is an extraordinary result that nobody forecast’ he told the viewer. This was true.

But Andrew had seen fit to miss out in his oratory that for two years the spiteful bile he had slung at Jeremy Corbyn has failed to stick. Corbyn was political suicide. Many people had called Corbyn finished, but they had the good grace to admit they were wrong. This was not for the unrepentant incorrect but high and mighty Rawnsley now established as a top Labour and Corbyn success denier.

Somehow Andrew had missed that actually the right wing press do not run elector’s minds and that he had totally missed the greatest change in a generation of electoral political thinking. He now changed his thoughts on how to give Corbyn no credit for his brilliantly successful campaign


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