What Next For The Spluttering Discredited Tories ?

The dust has settled but the forthcoming storms will agitate the Tories like the itchiest of itches. Propped up by people who believe the victims of an act rape should not ‘abort’ the result the Tories are in desperate straits. Such is their arrogance and the blasé support of the right wing press on practically everything they do they have not seen fit to bring any fresh blood through. With Corbyn teetering before the election the last couple of years has seen the emergence of Emily Thornberry, Keir Starmer and Chuka Umunna, all of whom have excellent leadership credentials.

The Tories have been too lazy to bring anyone through. Rudd is very capable but with a very slim majority in Hastings likely to be booted out in the next election. As entertaining as Boris Johnson is, he lacks the political gravitas and competency and apparently the Tory high command don’t rate him and focus groups have shown he is very unpopular with many people, presumably those who feel wanting to have a pint with someone does not constitute an ability of that person to run the Government. Gove is competent, sharp but toxic and the smart money seems to be on David Davis who comes access as reasonable but lacks the gravitas and is regarded as a maverick and too much of ‘hard brexit’ supporter to unite the party. Andrea Loathsome has shown she is not a safe pair of hands. So the Tories have to stick with the formidable track record of going from being 20 points ahead in the polls to five points behind in two months doing deals with the DUP.

The Tories would normally have stabbed her by now, but standing like a rabbit in headlights with a resurgent Labour Party set to boot them out of power if they change leader and obvious replacement to May they will limp on. But as every week goes by their brand is being eaten away and the dirty deal with the DUP will see them utterly discredited when people realise the shame and desperation holding our Government together


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