Bedtime for Democracy @Lewes FC

 dead-kennedys-bedtime-for-democracy-clearBedtime for Democracy at Lewes FC
Last Autumn the two benefactor’s of Lewes FC had to re stand for their respective places on the board. With a chronically low turnout they were duly re elected. A cynic may ask how democratic an election for a board for a football club is when two of the candidates bank roll that football club.
Both stood on the platform of equal pay parity at Lewes FC for men and women. I will add at this juncture, a measure I SUPPORT.
What I don’t support is that such a massive development club has gone ahead with no consultation with fans of the er…supposed ‘fan owned club’
It kicked off the liveliest debate at the club since the creation of the Community Club seven years ago, indeed this is represented by easily the longest thread and discussion on the fans forum when the idea was first mooted.
Most fans were vehemently opposed to the  idea, a few stragglers such as myself suggested good idea wrong time. One board member and a former board member suggested as all of the 1200 members of the club are eligible to vote why not have a referendum ? After we all thought as fans we counted.
Then the issue went dead and we assumed it had been dropped such was the unpopularity.
All of a sudden it is served as a fail accompli. All done, end off. Never mind your opinion here’s our initiative
This is despicable, just despicable.
We are a democratic club supposedly fan run. Two people (the money men) have decided to revolutionise the pay gap in football, a measure nobody wanted. Read the comments in the liberal Guardian article on this initiative, that you’d expect to be supportive and even here the idea is derided as a gimmick and just plain out of touch my most people. Just embarrassing
But the point is the Board are supposed to represent the wishes of the fans. Can’t always happen for many reasons. But THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for the wishes of the fans to be ignored and ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for no fan consultation on what is such a massive move for such a small club on such a massive development and principle at the club. I assume as the de facto consultation on the forum last year was opposed to the measure.
Yes my friends, Lewes FC is owned by the fans, but some fans and their wishes it would appear carry more weight.
Yes of course the usual guff will appear about the Board being elected but we all know this is a stitch up.

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