How the Minnows of Ladies Football are being Trashed by the FA

The restructuring of the ladies game revealed this week by the FA is such a savage indictment of the Board of Lewes FC and their competency it is untrue. Shame forum poster Hammerook was ignored on the issue during the process of trashing the democracy at our club.

October 15th 2016. Hammerook a level headed and sensible poster on this forum said basically we should wait and see what happens with the FA restructuring for 2018,  just announced this week.

Come in Hammerook.

‘I’ve felt for a while that while the goal of WSL is a nice one to have i do wonder if its a tad beyond or level and if we should wait to see what the FA throw at us in 2018. It’s not beyond the FA to somehow make it difficult for clubs like Lewes to get promoted especially when you have a number of so called big name clubs with ladies teams at our level and below.’
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With hindsight Hammerook is bang on. Hammerook who did not need the benefit of hindsight.

Had the Board taken this advice they may have avoided the humiliation of Budget Parity. Because they have called this so wrong.

I have been looking into this in the last few days with interest and latterly with absolute horror.

I presume an enormous amount of time, energy, thought and process went into parity.

If so why were alarm bells not raised over the despicable enforced relegation of the iconic Doncaster Belles in 2014 from the ladies top division. No team was relegated or promoted between the top two divisions that season. The Belles though were forced out by Man City who finished that year 4th in the equivalent of the second division.

I quote from The Indeendent

‘’When inviting applications from franchises for a reorganised Women’s Super League for the 2014 summer season, the FA had four criteria: financial management, commercial sustainability, facilities, plus player and youth development. Manchester City met them, the Belles did not.’’

That’s right folks through parity we, big Lewes FC are going to buck the system, we are taking on the big guns of the FA who are basically rebranding the ladies game to cleanse it of the minnows, cleansing it of the basic principle of sporting achievement being rewarded, by selling places at the top table. Hilariously / unashamebly they have said the top division will be 8-14 clubs as they are unsure how many clubs will stump up the admission fee to join the party. What a joke.

Evidenced further by the Yeovil Ladies who are in the top flight and despite heroic efforts to take their seat at the top table are now told they need to find £350,000 a year extra to join.

Clear as day the FA are trying to encourage and give a massive leg up to the giants of the game as part of the rebranding and commercialisation of the ladies game.

Why did the Board of Lewes FC not see this coming. Charlie Dobres said on Woman’s Hour parity was not a quick fix and the affects may take ten years. In your dreams. Chuck all the money you want at the Lewes Ladies they are not wanted by the FA.

The Ladies game is heading into an orgy of licences and criteria to popularise the game and we just don’t fit.

I assume the Board knew this. So why budget parity ?

Were they just dumb and did not do their homework ?

Was it just, as most suspect, a gimmick at the expense of the basic principles of fan ownership ?

Were they ambushed by this announcement ? This is  the get out of ineptness card but cuts no ice with announcing parity three months before a major overhaul of the game.

If  anyone reading this seriously thinks, as I originally did, budget parity is going to be some great boost for the club forget it. For a few years we may dine out close to the top table but it will be a battle we are going to lose and we should have not embarked on. It is throwing good money after bad.

I have always supported the principle of parity, if democratically agreed and phased in.

I now believe it to be a pointless exercise and a waste of, fortunately, someone else’s money.

PS I trust, if we are still in  negotiations with possible sponsors, they are made aware of the fact they are sponsoring a totally doomed venture.