The NEW Lewes FC Community UN elected Board. Challenge and Settlement

I sincerely hope the new members of the Board at Lewes FC can facilitate a new settlement with regards to the relationship between the club owners, democracy, transparency and fan involvement at Lewes FC. Not just the customary lip service.

At the moment Lewes FC is having the annual election for the Board. The aborted election.

Six candidates have stood for five positions. In that we had six candidates for what is a thankless task, the governance of our club,  shows them rightly in a fantastic light. Mind you, it is of course an honour to serve on the Board of Lewes FC but amazing such talented people are willing to make a huge sanity sacrifice and pitch in. Thank you

At the fanzine however, we have hammered away at the lack of transparency by the Lewes FC Board. The outrageous and despicable lack of consultation with the club owners over Budget Parity was a gross act of democratic vandalism.

I would argue now not such an act can or should be morally possible. Of course, the Board could argue then, we are elected so we make the decisions. As in effect they did with Budget Parity steam rolling the wishes of the club owners.

But now this is no longer the case.

The majority of the Board are now un elected. Yes we now have a ‘democratically un elected Board’

That’s right folks 6 of the 9 or 10 Board members are un elected having in effect received ‘byes’

As Issi would say. Why is this ? Six candidates stood for 5 positions deeming an election necessary. All produced good addresses. Issi Doyle broke rank with the best address by far, by asking totally pertinent but uncomfortable questions. Sadly in a series of cryptic posts on the fans forum Issi withdrew her candidature. This meant with five seats on the Board available and five candidates the candidates immediately became Board members with the election unnecessary. As was the case with John Peel two years ago. At the same time club stalwart and grandee Jacquie Agnew sadly resigned reducing the Board to 9 members, possibly temporarily. Factor in two of existing board members bank roll the club and one assumes their position on the Board unassailable and six un elected it makes very undemocratic reading. Maybe the most undemocratic un elected elected Board ever !!!

This is of course not the fault of those new members of the Board but our stupid constitution.

The fact remains we now find ourselves governed by an un elected Board which is unhealthy.

The Board absolutely no longer have a moral mandate to do what they did with budget parity as long as the situation remains that the Board are un elected. In fact they no longer have anything other than a de  facto mandate. That is a fact. They must acknowledge this and act accordingly.

We were promised transparency and democracy at the inception of Lewes CFC and I expect it to now…at long last and not before time… to be delivered, and I expect the fresh blood on the Board to buck the failings of the past.

To the Board. You are now elected by default and now have a moral obligation to offset this default by opening up and being more open and democratic. Nobody cares that you are in effect un elected, that is our constitution, but with this new unwanted status there has to come a new settlement.

The Challenge

I am going to send all board members a list of questions that I know the owners of the club will want answers to and I will publish the questions in the next fanzine. In the issue after that I will publish the answers and you the reader and fan can be the judge of the new settlement of democracy and transparency at Lewes FC. I cannot be fairer than that. I am not going into a rant of the failings of the past. And don’t want to hear that crap that the AGM and forums can shed proper light on many problems and issues properly. I have found some Board members very helpful but ultimately little is ever given away.

We have a new settlement so let’s move up a gear as part of the process of challenging and beating the disconnect between the fans and the town of Lewes. Thankfully an issue most at the club now recognise as a problem so open up a TRULY open and transparent settlement with the fans make us feel part of the club as originally promised.

Good luck to the new Board members and again thank you for your generous commitment to the club. Please please do as you say you will in your addresses. Questionlewesfc_logo_b and ignore the ‘fluff’ and other reasons why we cannot be 100% transparent that will be thrown your way.



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