The County Town of East Sussex is Lewes not Equality

The new Board members at Lewes FC will have the unenviable job of dealing with the aftermath of the failed budget parity venture.

Even if a magic wand musters up the donations to cover it, which  it won’t, it has already failed.

I understand we were bullishly hoping to divvy out 8 three year investment opportunities @ £10,000 a pop. So far one business has expressed an interest.

Equality FC = Joke

The whole principle is flawed with the men and ladies squad paid supposedly the same, the ladies playing less games means they are paid more per game than the men. The spin from up top on this is incredibly incredulous. The facts are facts. There is not a proper parity of budget.

With the massive success of the fanzine Plan B blueprint, thanks for all the lovely feedback, the candidates for the current Board elections are all saying the club needs to mend the disconnect between the club and Equality….whoops Lewes. Yes folks what better way to turn local people off than to twist away the very name of our beloved club for a bloody marketing gimmick. Equality FC

The Board, who are supposed to represent the fans, went entirely against the wishes of the fans and voted this joke in unanimously. Words escape me at the contempt I feel for their arrogance and lack of due process that we were promised at the start of the community venture. How can you preach community principles and dump on them without so much as a public recognition and apology for your mistake. You expect the savvy town of Lewes to buy that ? Your town of Equality you seem to want so much to get involved with may buy it. The Board really don’t get it.

Especially as it turns out we have been shafted anyway by the FA who want to upgrade the teams at the top of ladies football with ‘names’ despicably cleansing the minnows in time from the upper reaches of the game. Don’t be fooled by the spin. We have been shafted and the Board knew that this was a possible scenario. A Board member told me they knew it was a risk.

It is an unmitigated disgrace this risk was taken and approved by the whole Board. We are dependent on donations. Now even more so….another 75k p/a. With perilous finances you NEVER NEVER take punts on a hunch. It is a gamble. Unacceptable.

September 2017 @Equality FC….sorry Lewes FC female representation on the Board 4/10 members

October 2017 female representation on the Board 1/10 at Equality FC. Just saying

What a travesty and embarrassment. Three months into the Equality FC venture and the ladies representation on the Board has already collapsed.

The new members on the Board need to stand strong and clear this mess up and deliver the club to the town of Lewes and give up this line of ‘game changers’ that have been anything but and build a proper fan based club. We have a clean slate with new members and  a re elected member who was opposed to much of what has happened and if we continue to waste the brilliant work of Darren Freeman  it’ll be nothing short of gross incompetency and commercial suicide.


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